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Andrew Ayres :: BSc (hons), HPC, MCh.S

Podiatry and biomechanics specialist.


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Congleton Walking Groups

Posted on Sep 24 by

Walking groups around Congleton are becoming very popular and for good reason too.  Walking is a great way to not only stay active and keep healthy but also a great way to...


Sandbach Day Of Dance

Posted on Sep 12 by

At Sandbach Day Of Dance there will be many Morris Dancers entertaining the crowds and keeping British traditions alive.  Morris dancers are well known for their traditional...


Dry Cracked Heels

Posted on Aug 28 by

Dry Cracked Heels A lot of people get dry cracked heels every summer. They can be unsightly, painful, bleed a lot and be very prone to infection. The skin dries out because the...


Basic hygiene to avoid foot infections.

Posted on Aug 27 by

Basic hygiene to avoid foot infections.   Communal changing rooms, showers and pool sides are a hot spot for viral infections such as verruca and fungal infections such as...


Congleton Carnival Feet

Posted on Jul 10 by

Congleton Carnival Feet Congleton Carnval runs from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th. Are your feet ready for the carnival and ready for summer? Will you be embarrassed about the...


Treating Fungal Nails

Posted on Apr 23 by

Treating Fungal Nails   Fungal nails are a very common foot complaint which people get very embarrassed about.  Onychomychosis accounts for 50% of all nail conditions...